Learning & Teaching Center

To promote faculty reflection and development of excellence in teaching to promote teaching and learning.


The Learning and Teaching Center offers faculty development opportunities that promote student learning. The Center provides resources for faculty to reflect on teaching and to engage in classroom-based research. The Center will also provide support for faculty to respond to different student learning styles through a variety of teaching strategies.

The Learning and Teaching Center offers the following services:

§ A collection of teaching and learning resource materials housed in the library's higher ed pedagogy section.
§ Sponsorship of Faculty Learning Communities and other program series focused on specific pedagogical issues.
§ Private tutorials for technology, course development, alternative teaching strategies.
§ Consultations to provide formative feedback about teaching effectiveness.
1) To support faculty conversations on teaching and learning.
2) To promote faculty scholarship of teaching and learning
3) Involve students in the conversation on teaching and learning
4) Be an active part of college assessment of teaching and learning
5) To provide speakers and follow-up conferences that promote reflection and development of teaching and learning
6) To provide personalized consultations for individual faculty coaching

Muntz Hall, Room 306
Director: Robin Lightner, Ph.D., Associate Prof of Behavioral Science,
Office: 263 SAHB, 936-7102