Team-based Learning

Team-based learning is a pedagogical strategy in which students learn not by HEARING content, but by USING content. It is similar in many ways to problem-based learning. Students prepare outside of class. Class time is spent on Readiness checks, often with individual and group quizzes, mini-lectures, and a team application activity. There's discussion within and between teams. A number of introductory resources on TBL are found below.

Here are a few slides that describe tips for implementing the Readiness Assessment procedure with the IFAT, scratch-off forms. It contains ordering information. If you want to try this activity in your class, see Robin Lightner for some IFAT forms.

Students from Psych 290 presented their team-based work at the 2009 AURCO conference.

TBL Resources
Team-Based Learning Website
Overview of TBL:

TBL--the basics:

Article about facilitation during PBL:

Team-based learning requires facilitation of the application exercises. The core competencies of facilitation are outlined at the International Association of Facilitators website.